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Spoiler warning: This guide contains an EXTREME amount of spoilers. If you haven't read any of Do-Gooders before, I recommend that you do so first, or you'll spoil a lot of fun. If you, on the other hand, have read most of Do-Gooders, then go ahead and read.

Names are written in Western order.

Timeliness: To allay confusion, various facts will be noted with (#?), meaning in which episode that specific fact of information appeared. For instance, "Becky actually suffers from an odd case of split personality (#8)" means that that specific fact was revealed in episode 8.

Paragraphs marked with <NEW> are new or have been altered since the last version. This version does not contain facts revealed beyond #34. See next version for that.

Now, on with the show!

A cast of thousands!

(Well possibly, more likely hundreds, but certainly dozens)

There are many more people in the story line, who play vital roles such as muttering about Pinky and the brain, misidentifying villains, attending concerts, debating icebergs, reading notices to drunken dwarves and delivering mail. These people perform a valuable function in the story but are, as fate would have it, not important enough to make the guide, so tough. These few (Hah!) are the ones important.

Central Cast (and other people)

The Do-Gooders

The main heroes of the story.

Tejina <NEW>
Introduced: #1

Full name: Tejina Nakao. Keyboardist and lead singer of the Do-Gooders. She's the more level-headed of the group, although from #3 up to #24, she's totally unaware of the fact that she's the love interest of both of her two male band members... However, after a wrong word from Kireiko, she's figured out more or less what the two boys have been up to... incidentally, just as they have changed their aims.

Tejina is a Harbringer, and occasionally has strange dreams of lots and lots of Tejina-clones (bluehaired; they have nothing to do with Ayame and Hanaki.) destroying Tokyo, and building a monument shaped like the symbol of the Seals, a cracked Earth... She also occasionally has gameshow-like dreams, but those are probably not to be taken seriously.

Tejina has blue hair, set in two ponytails. It used to be very long, but was horribly savaged in #31 by Hasami, a Seal. Tejina's name means "Magic". Tejina has a special bond to Hanaki and Ayame, amplified through their Sailor nature. This bond enables them to sense each other, and occasionally actually see each other, when one of them is in danger. (#29)

Tejina is a raving shopaholic, and has (#20) acquired a sister in the form of Hanaki. She's also discovered that she's adopted (#21). In #28, she acquired another sister of sorts... namely Ayame.

She is also a Sailor Warrior, Sailor Delight, and the reincarnation of Princess Amore from the Crystal City of Delight; She transforms by pressing the button of her transformation pen (that's right, no silly transformation phrases). She is the leader of the Sailor Team, and uses shopping-based attacks:

CARDO SUWARU: The opponent is pummeled by a hail of cut credit cards, coated with magic. (#3)

CHEKU BOUNCE: This attack bounces the opponent around like the namesake check. (#3)

DELIGHTFUL ACCOUNT OVERDRAFT: Standard final attack. It drains the energy of the opponent, and works especially well with shopping energy. (#7)

Sailor Delight wears a blue sailor uniform with a rather short skirt.

Matsuro <NEW>
Introduced: #1

Drummer of the Do-Gooders, also known as 'Bishonen guy'. Matsuro is cool, unemotional, and bishonen. He also suffers from apocalyptic (and rather weird) hallucinations and dreams, which involve blood, dragons, weird special effects and his mother ranting at him. One of her most repeated mystical sayings (not including "You must go to Tokyo", which isn't very mystical) is "You are the Chick, Matsuro, and the world is the Egg." (#15, #19) In #31, it was revealed that his long-gone father is actually... Nemesis Serendipity Villyn. Aki is also his sister. Twin sister, actually.

Matsuro has short, black hair and tends to wear his school uniform most of the time. He also acquired a cool duster out of nowhere during their first gig (#2-3), although he doesn't seem to wear it much. He carries the 9th Sword of Duality, which he can pull out of his stomach in a harmless but nauseating (to others, at least) way (#2). His name means "Doom/Destiny", and also "Last Days".

At the start, Matsuro lived more or less alone in an apartment in Tokyo. Later on, the two dwarfs Balin and Dalin have moved in, as has his dead mother Akemi, and his likewise dead aunt Itako. Matsuro also has a cousin who is a freelancer in some sort of business, and hangs around with (quote Itako) "that redheaded bimbo he calls girlfriend".

Matsuro had a crush on Tejina (#3) and was in a feud with Kireiko because of this, but it seems to have faded away, especially due to his situation with Keiko and Aki. He's also trying to make up his mind about what he feels for Keiko (#19), and what to do about his destiny. (#22)

Matsuro seeks his destiny, which his mother told him; however, he didn't hear what she said, due to the fact that he had meat patties in his ears (#16). Keiko, who was nearby, overheard it, and used it to get a date with him. (#17-19) Part of his destiny was later (#25) revealed; the Saviour (presumably Matsuro) had to unite with (more commonly known as 'marry') Princess Annikki, or more precisely Aki Villyn, or the world would be destroyed. The fact that neither of Aki, Keiko or Matsuro are very interested in seeing this come true, seems to be a problem for the destiny... His dreams now usually focuses on him having to choose... namely, choose between the two girls.

Matsuro is the reincarnation of Grand Duke Midnight of the DarkVerse (#27), who was supposed to marry Princess Annikki, in order to cement an alliance between the two kingdoms... however he betrayed her and eloped with Sailor Darkness instead, kindling the great war (#27). Matsuro is also the One (#29). Not the same One as the One Zathras keeps talking about, mind you.

According to the Department of Mystical Destinies, Matsuro's destiny also includes the dwarfs Balin and Dalin, and the strange and mystical warrior Elric. Exactly HOW they are supposed to fit in hasn't been revealed. (#24)

Also, his dreams have been visited by the Dream Girl, who rants about him having to find the Icon of Rapturous Delight. (#10)

Introduced: #1

Guitarist of the Do-Gooders, also known as 'The wild one'. Due to some incidents before his birth, Kireiko is half human and half oni (a type of Japanese demon).This manifests in the forms of super-human strength, heightened sex drive (even higher than that of the common teenager!), heightened senses, lessened mental capabilities, fangs, claws, and occasionally tentacles. And you thought acne was a puberty problem? His parents solved this by applying ofuda (prayer strips) to his skin, which force him to revert to his human form. (their first attempt to save him involved giving him a girly name... Kireiko means 'pretty girl'. It didn't work.)

Kireiko lived for a while in America, where he picked up a lot of bad habits. He tries very hard to become a model of what you don't want your children to grow up to be. He keeps spouting American phrases, even though he doesn't really know what they mean (similar to how Western anime fans keep throwing Japanese words and phrases into their speech). He also dresses like an American (or more precisely, the way he thinks Americans dress, which is leather jackets and sun glasses). To quote Tejina, "Kireiko doesn't have any respect for anyone." (#24)

Kireiko had a crush on Tejina (#3) and was battling for her attention against Matsuro for a long time; however, by #21 he's been more interested in Hanaki, and officially gives up on Tejina in #34.

In battle, Kireiko transforms into an oni by removing his shirt and the attached ofuda. He uses various pro-wrestling techniques that he learned in America.

Kireiko's dreams usually consist of fast motorcycles and sexy women (or possibly the other way around, or both at the same time), but he's had dreams about the Dream Girl, who tells him to find the Emblem of Delightful Rapture (#10). He also occasionally gets dreams sent to him from his Oni father. (#10)

Becky <NEW>
Introduced: #1

Full name: Rebecca Petulia Anderson. Blonde and bubbly american exchange student, and a raving otaku. She was the Do-Gooders' roadie/fan/annoying person, before becoming their bass player in #14, since her secret agent training involved bass guitar lessons for some reason. She's totally inept with any other kind of instrument (goes through inability and out on the other side), and her singing has been compared to a hurt dog going down a flight of metal steps in a trash can (quote from #5).

T-kun, one of Villyn's minions, has developed a crush on her (#24), and a timid boy named Koji has been showing some interest as well (#24).

Becky is a secret agent, codename BA-3, because of some business her parents (who are secret agents) were up to (#7). She's also a Sailor Warrior, Sailor Rapture (#8), and the reincarnation of princess Ivrysse of the Crystal City of Delight ). To top it off, she's also a Wildcard, neither a Harbringer nor a Seal. Her "Form Blazing Sword" that she pulls from her forehead seems to be comparable to a Sword of Duality.

Note: Becky actually suffers from an odd case of split personality (#8), as her agent self and her Sailor self are very well developed and tend to take control. The fact that they hate each other doesn't help either; Becky has, however, occasionally managed to browbeat them into cooperating with her and each other, as seen in #19 and #24.

Agent BA-3

Becky's agent personality. BA-3 is rational, cool, and logical. She's got excellent marksmanship,  has mastered several forms of martial arts, and can handle an assortment of MiB gadgets. Personality-wise, BA-3 is cold, tactical and logical, but rather fanatical in her opinions about "The American Way", and all things that represents America (or the opposite of America). Her comment "Kill 'em all. Let God sort it out." says it all. She's against everything non-American, including magical girls.

Sailor Rapture

Becky's Sailor personality. Her transformation isn't triggered with an item, but seems to work with a mental command. Sailor Rapture is very duty-bound; she would never back down from a fight against any opponent. She's also a bit over-confident about her fighting abilities. She's got a very complex uniform in orange-yellow, involving a short skirt (but not as short as Delight's), two-tone hair, a orange and black bandanna, and facial tattoos. (in her first transformation, it also involved a scepter and gun, but they were edited out later on.) When BA-3 takes control, a black trenchcoat gets added to the getup. (#19)

In the Crystal Millenium, Sailor Rapture came from the city of Ketrel. In #26, the Do-Gooders were sent to that place... or possibly a strange facsimile of it.

She uses anime-based attacks:

FORM BLAZING SWORD: She pulls out a glowing energysword from her forehead, Damaramu style. She then uses the sword to dispatch of the opponent in regular fashion. (#17)

EVANGELIST CONFUSION: Subjects opponents to massive hallucinations of "End of Evangelion", causing them to become confused or go insane, and thus strike at imaginary foes and often hit each other or themselves. (#24)

REVOLUTIONARY SHELL: This attack forms a spinning barrier of rose petals. (#24)

Keiko <NEW>
Introduced: #3

Full name Keiko Yamanaka. Pseudo-Satanist and Matsuro-fangirl. Has a crush on Matsuro the size of the Tokyo bay (#5). More of a neutral character than a good guy (er, girl), but currently, she follows the Do-Gooders (more precisely Matsuro) around. She regards girls who show more than an average interest in Matsuro as natural enemies. She's also pretty scary, what with her laughing like Kodachi and wearing black all the time. She wants to be evil, but isn't really very good at it. Her familiar Yoru, however, seems to be urging her towards that goal...

At her first appearance, Keiko was suffering from more than the average share of ill luck, what with acne, flat chest, large glasses, and the tendency to develop crushes on the most untouchable guys. After going to Hell (and coming back with a box of chocolate cherries and a book of magick), and then dabbling with Things That Were Not Meant For Man To Know (but since she's female, it's okay), she has gotten over those problems.. mostly. Some of the spells keep fluking in the middle, filling the room with fruit and assorted foodstuffs (#9).

Keiko is, after some dabbling, quite attractive (drop-dead gorgeous, some would say), still wears her glasses (her Look Cool All The Time power prevents them from making her look nerdy), and wears a leather outfit that would put her mother in a hissy fit, weren't it for the fact that her mother is quite oblivous of most things going on around her. She also wears a black school uniform to school (after throwing a few teachers out the windows, they stopped mentioning it (#9)). She also usually carries a HUGE rune-covered cleaver (actually a Sword.. er, Cleaver of Duality) (#13). She pulls it out of her cleavage. According to the Harbringers, she's a Wildcard... neither a Seal nor a Harbringer.

Due to some of her half-successful spells, Keiko can shoot energy blasts from her fingers, Look Cool All The Time (although she has to concentrate on it) and can see things that most other people can't, like Matsuro's hallucinations. (#13) She also knows several spells from the Book of Penultimate Evil, such as the "enhance mental state" spell (#19), and "Invoke Cube" (#34). She's always on the lookout for spell ingredients, such as tentacles, har, and blood from various magical creatures. During her first hunt for youma blood, she rid the world of the evil Barney. She dabbles in just about every kind of magic she can find.

She's also acquired a black snake familiar named Yoru (#24), who's convinced her that she's a Sailor Soldier, Sailor Darkness (Actually a member of the DarkVerse Sailors (#29)). In the Crystal Millenium, she was heralded as the Guardian of the DarkVerse. She also ran off with Duke Midnight right before his marriage to Princess Annikki, setting off the great war (#27).

As Sailor Darkness, she uses darkness-based attacks:

BLACK WIND FROM THE SOUL: Wraps the opponents in darkness and pulls them from this plane of existance. (#24)

DRAWING OUT THE DARKNESS: Calls forth huge amounts of unnatural darkness and shadow, covering everything in the area. (#24)

BLACKENED CLAWS: This attack causes her hands to momentarily grow huge claws of darkness, used to attack and maim opponents at close range. (#24)

Keiko transforms into Sailor Darkness by drawing a pentagram on the ground and stepping into it. As Sailor Darkness, she wears a black uniform (biig surprise...)

Aki <NEW>
Introduced: #1

Full name Aki Villyn, daughter of Nemesis Villyn. Aki is the "rational person" of the show; the one who wants to be normal and average, questions the craziness around her, and pays attention to most details. Her biggest desire is to be normal, finish school, go to the prom, attend college, and not get her life infected by the weirdness around her... please? However, what with having a father who wants to take over the world, friends with superpowers who fight against evil, and a destiny of becoming a heroine in a ridiculous outfit, the possibility of leading a normal life is not very high...

Zathras believes that Aki is "the One" (not the same "the One" that the Harbringers, Seals and Dragons keep talking about). What "the One" would be, is unknown; however, in #34, Hanaki tells about an old legend, saying that "the greatest of the Sailors became the One".

Apparently, Aki is destinied to marry Matsuro, in order to save the world (#25). The fact that she doesn't really WANT to is a problem... The fact that he's her twin brother is another problem. (as revealed in #31)

Aki tends to get pestered with lots of weird e-mail, and occasionally chats on the net with Wataru, unaware of his true identity (#34).

Aki is a Sailor Soldier, Sailor Joy, and the reincarnation of princess Annikki of the Crystal City of Delight. She transforms using a magical brooch (with a button on the back). She's also probably the only magical girl in the multiverse who has refused the fuku for any extended time; however, in #23, she succumbed and transformed. Her uniform is green, really, really short, and has a bare midsection. (#23) She also has another outfit, a white dress identical to the one the dream girl wears; her 'Princess Annikki' outfit (#24). She uses healing-based attacks:

JOYFUL CLEANSING LIGHT: Zaps opponent with a beam of pure white light that disintegrates it completely. (#24)

PURIFYING SPIRIT RUSH: A more powerful, wide-arc version of the Joyful Cleansing Light. (#24)

PURITY OF THE SHINING HEAVENS: Calls forth a great white light, purifying everything evil it touches. (#24)

Aki can speak with the [Brackets] of [Power]. (#18)

Hanaki <NEW>
Introduced: #19 (named #20)

Full name Hanaki Shirokaze. Tejina's long-lost twin sister. Hanaki was raised by Ayame Shirokaze, her natural mother (who adopted Tejina away to the Nakaos), and trained to be a warrior... or was she? Much of Hanaki's past lies in doubt, as she seems to have a problem with telling the truth. She is, like her sister, a shopaholic (although her mother didn't give her as much of an allowance as the Nakaos do), and a Sailor Soldier, Sailor Bliss. She is the reincarnation of Princess Felice from the Crystal City of Delight. Hanaki has purple hair in exactly the same style as Tejina; save for the color, they look exactly alike. In #34, she's cut her hair short to match Tejina's.

Hanaki has recently taken up residence at the Nakao Manor, and attends the same school as the others. She is developing a relationship with Kireiko, and thinks Matsuro and Keiko look cute together. Hanaki fears snakes. She's very happy to have a sister. She also has a penchant for giving people spontaneous hugs.

Hanaki transforms by doing a complicated song/dance sequence with Pepper; it's been described as "the stupidest and most embarrassing thing ever" (#23). As Sailor Bliss, she wears a purple uniform, identical to Delight's, save for the color. She, like her sister, uses shopping-based attacks:

BLISSFUL FROZEN ASSETS: Exactly what this attack does is unclear: Freezes, perhaps?

Due to the fact that her complicated transformation sequence requires her pet advisor, Hanaki has been forced to play the damsel in distress all too many times (after all, it would look a bit odd, carrying a fishbowl around). To solve this, Pepper has provided her with a ridiculous-looking communicator (#29), which she uses to summon him on short notice. Interestingly enough, the item is also able to shake his fishbowl in a very unpleasant way, providing much stress relief. Uh, for Hanaki, that is. Pepper does not find it the least bit relieving, and generally curses himself for giving her the item in the first place.

By the way, the communicator is white and looks like a cross between a bat, rabbit, and a squirrel.  On it is written "Let's play with Babi-chan!".

Ayame <NEW>
Introduced #22, named #23. Altered #28.

Full name Ayame Shirokaze. Tejina's natural mother and also the mother of Hanaki, she is the reincarnation of the Queen of the Kingdom of Delight, who was pivotal in the inception of the original Sailor Team (#23). She dyes her hair after the seasons; as it's spring, her hair is green. She's very wise and knowledgeable, almost totally unflappable, a very skilled strategist, and likes exposition and arching her eyebrows a lot. Becky, who is a SM fan, has compared her to Sailor Pluto (#23). She knows even more legalese than Tejina's parents combined. In #28, it was revealed that she was posessed by one of the Void Spirits (the Sister), but at what time she became posessed is unknown... apparently the Sister was lying hidden for some time.

The reason she put Tejina up for adoption is unclear; however, as she is a strategist, she probably had some profound reason. Hanaki's explanations should probably be taken with a pinch of salt.

Later on, in #28, she was caught almost in the middle of a powerful magic explosion, altering reality a bit...

Ayame is now 17 years old (but she was rather youthful-looking before, anyway), and believes strongly that she is Tejina and Hanaki's triplet sister. She's a bit naive and immature, behaves a lot like Usagi, and likes manga. She also likes to exposit on things... a LOT. Her new sisters and friends usually have to physically restrain her to keep her silent.

Due to another reality-altering influence, her 'Queen Amore' essence has been displaced with the 'Sailor' essence of an, at the time (#28), undiscovered Sailor (Yukiko [#29]).

Ayame is now Sailor Exposition, the sailor-suited warrior of justice, description, and extremely long sentences, and transforms using a small and currently unknown item, and saying the phrase "Extreme description power, MAKE UP!". Her uniform is bright yellow. She uses exposition-based attacks:

THE INCREDIBLY LONG SENTENCE OF SLEEP-INDUCING EXPOSITION: This attack is performed by Sailor Exposition rattling away a really long run-on sentence, causing her opponents to fall asleep. Fortunately it doesn't have any effect on friends and civilians.

Advisor Animals

The trustworthy advisors and companions of the Sailor Team. The mages of the Crystal City wanted the most unobtrusive animals for the positions, and did a little too well (#23). But the animals try to do a good job. Really.

The advisors all have a fairly good grasp of magic (although some are better or more powerful than the others), and travel by creating dimensional doors, which occasionally vanishes in a burst of whatever is associated with the animal in question. Oh, and they can talk, but that's common knowledge.

Introduced: #1 (named: #3)

A mangy, drunken alley cat, and advisor of Tejina/Sailor Delight. In the Crystal City of Delight, she was the cook's cat before she became an advisor. She's a bit incoherent, but knows a lot of the Crystal City's history (#13). She also has mystical advisor powers (#28). Daisy occasionally yammers on about her grandchildren (#3).

Introduced: #8

An egotistical, snotty, and generally impolite shepherd dog, and advisor of Becky/Sailor Rapture. In the Crystal City, he used to be a farmer's dog. He's rude, chastises Becky for not upholding his high standards, and tries to act like he's the smartest advisor.

Charles <NEW>
Introduced: #12 (named: #13)

A canary bird, and advisor of Aki/Sailor Joy. Is on the quest of getting Aki into the Sailor Fuku (Quest completed by #23. 532 exp. points.). In the Crystal City, he used to be the pet of a loony philosopher.

Pepper <NEW>
Introduced: #19 (named #20)

A goldfish, and advisor of Hanaki/Sailor Bliss. Full name Pepperidge; Ayame calls him 'Pep', much to his displeasure. Lives in a flying fishbowl (which has the amazing magical ability of not spilling any water EVER), and also lives in fear of Daisy trying to eat him. In the Crystal City, he used to be the pet of "The ditziest member of the royal family". Rather skilled at magic.

Introduced: #24

A snake, and advisor of Keiko/Sailor Darkness. Full name Jormungandr. Looks evil, and probably is. Yoru and Kahi worked together during the days of the war between the Crystal City of Delight and the DarkVerse, but their relationship in the present shows signs of strain... almost as though a rivalry of sorts is developing.

Kahi <NEW>
Introduced: #28 (but didn't make an actual appearance until #29)

A brightly colored lizard, and advisor of Mariko/Sailor Light (and presumably Yaki and Yumeki too, but MAINLY Mariko. And telling her otherwise is a Bad Idea.). He speaks with an odd accent, hisses a lot, laughs disturbingly, and knows lots of old stuff from the old DarkVerse. He also knows how to keep Mariko in control... he's the only one she has any respect for. Yoru and Kahi worked together during the days of the war between the Crystal City of Delight and the DarkVerse, but their relationship in the present shows signs of strain... almost as though a rivalry of sorts is developing.

Esu <NEW>
Introduced: #29

Name is the Japanese pronunciation of the letter 's', and 'squirrel' begins with 's', see?

A squirrel, and an advisor animal to the Sailor Team without a Sailor to advise, seeing as the girl he was supposed to advise, Yukiko, mysteriously became Queen Amore instead.  Has a nut fixation and enough maths knowledge to reduce a philosophical question to an easily-solved mathematical question. Esu is very easily confused. His portals tend to appear/vanish in bursts of nuts or special effects reels. (#29-30)

The Sailor Team

Introduced: #23

The fuku-clad defenders of Love and Justice, originating from the Crystal City of Delight. Unlike most other Sailor Teams throughout the multiverse, they have vastly different fighting techniques; originally this was to cover flaws in each other's styles, and to confuse their opponents. The Sailors of the team have been reincarnated time and time again ever since the Crystal City, to awaken every time evil rears its ugly head.

Villains & Bad Guys

Villyn <NEW>
Introduced: #1

Full name Nemesis Serendipidy Villyn. One of the most popular villains of the story. Villyn is the very model of a modern Evil Overlord; he laughs evilly while putting his pinky finger to his mouth, Dr. Evil style, looms over people, makes really, really silly plans to take over the world, and has a terrible urge to reveal said plans to his enemies at the drop of a hat. He also wears a powerful technoarmor (with lots and lots of gadgets, involving a tape deck, communications system, propeller, safe, and a miniature interdimensional gate opener) all the time, and once built a giant robot (#17). He also owns a pikachu beanie baby (#32), called 'Mr. Pikasworth', who he keeps secret from everyone, and is his most trusted advisor. Mr. Pikasworth always says evil and awe-inspiring things (actually, Mr. Pikasworth just says 'I love you' like he's programmed to, but since Villyn doesn't speak English...) and is a lot of support. Villyn also occasionally has to go to group sessions with Aki, something he hates.

Villyn is a loving father (although his daughter Aki tends to get annoyed at his constant pleas that she join the dark side), and loves his girlfriend (somehow, the term seems a bit inappropriate), Queen Charity, a lot. He can be rather romantic when he wants to... a spin-off benefit from being overly dramatic, probably. Villyn is also the descendant of the DarkVerse warrior that delivered the Artifact of the Morning to the pygmy tribe, who proceeded to worship him... this means that Villyn actually is part-youma, and the descendant of a god.

Presumably Villyn is either very rich or hideously overdrawn, as he has no job (other than evil overlord) and yet can afford to build giant mechas, and house eight people and a talking canary (and on occasion two pygmies too). Possibly he gets some help from the Legitimate businessmen's club. He also had his house secretly rebuilt before #17, to accomodate a basement. (Author's note: Gomen... story inconsistency.)

Villyn has been married three times before; to Akemi, Natsuko and Haruka, although probably not in that order... Akemi was the last one, and ran off with an lawyer (she's Matsuro's and Aki's mother). Natsuko died in an accident, and is held in loving memory. Haruka remains a mystery. Their names are a bit of a joke; Natsuko means "summer girl", indicating their short romance, and Haruka means "long ago", since he was married to her a long time ago.

Since all Evil Overlords need some heroes to be archnemesises to, he chose the Do-Gooders for this honor. Simply put, he believes that he has to defeat the Do-Gooders to archieve world domination. He's attacked them at just about every gig they've had, and set up the trap at the Legitimate Businessmen's Club (#5-8). He also hatched the plan with "The Formation of Evil" (#9), which was actually the brilliant plan of placing pins in a Tokyo map to form the kanji for "EVIL", and then robbing the places they marked. It got mistaken for something big.

Interestingly enough, all of Villyn's attacks have failed, and just served to increase the popularity of the Do-Gooders.

Villyn is in love with Queen Charity of the DarkVerse... (#19) They even went on a romantic cruise (#21-23). Unfortunately, a situation involving a certain holy artifact being stolen by Charity (from the pygmies they ran across on their cruise... see Queen Charity and The pygmy tribe for more info), and her claiming it was a gift, has driven a wedge into their loving relationship... is it the end of their love? Or will they overcome the lies?

Villyn's minions
Introduced: #9 (but named later, at various moments)

What Evil Overlord (tm) would ever try to take over the world without minions? Villyn's five minions are all crazier than a monkey on drugs, but they're devoted, quite powerful (they seem to have gotten some training down after #12), and rather fun... although you don't want to live around them (as Aki can verify). Their origins are unknown, as are their real names and the origins of their powers, but when Villyn found them, they were all wearing straitjackets.

The Blank Psychic
Named: #11

The Blank Psychic is always wearing a white fencing outfit (without sword), and has the tendency to laugh in a disturbing way. His power is that everyone who touches him with harmful intent falls unconscious (and also gets a killer headache whenthey wake up). If there's no harmful intent, then the power doesn't work (see in #24, where Hanaki runs into him). He is also quite durable, since he has to take the brunt of all those attacks. He considers himself invincible, and only fears pianos. The Blank Psychic is probably the most crazy of the minions.

In #25, it's also hinted that he has a slight ability for mind reading.

The Bluefaced Black Shadow
Named: #11

This minion has the power to manipulate shadows; he shapes them in the form of warriors, and uses them to attack his opponents. The darker it is, the more powerful he gets. He dislikes sunlight (#34).

The Bluefaced Black Shadow wears a tie tied on too tight, thus giving him part of his name. Otherwise, he looks quite normal, save that he has strange shadows trailing behind him. He also believes that Aki is a goddess, gracing the Villyn household and bringing them good fortune. Given that Villyn, technically speaking, is a god, this isn't far from the mark.

Thrakkorzog? Thurston Dunne? Tharz -- whatever his name is <NEW>
Named: #10

Aka 'T-kun.'  Developing a crush on Becky, even though she's part of the Do-Gooders, his master's archenemies.  He has the ability to warp reality, which he mainly uses to create obstacles and weapons from his surroundings; his power also doesn't work on living humans or animals (Although it works on trees, as revealed in #34). It also occasionally gets out of control and teleports him around; by a strange twist of fate, he seems to always end up where he needs to be. He appears to be reasonably intelligent, at least compared to the Blank Psychic... not that that's saying much. Also a lousy cook, and a bit of an otaku.

T-kun is a Seal, and carries an odd weapon (of Duality, of course); it looks like a handle with blades sticking out in odd directions, and he pulls it out of his chest. He also suffers from bizarre dreams (#34). Hanko, another Seal, suspects that his ability to warp reality comes from his being a Seal.

The Quake Camper <NEW>
Named: #19

The Quake Camper was once caught in an earthquake, but was able to survive because of his camping gear. Since then he's developed a debilitating fear of earthquakes, but fortunately (?) manages to get around it by wearing his *huge* pack all the time; it gives him a sense of security. He's a bit short, but strong; rumor has it he might actually have some dwarven ancestors. He always carries enough supplies to feed at least half a dozen people for several days. He's a very good cook. Other than the pack, and his devotion to Villyn, the Camper seems almost completely sane. His voice might best be described as an enthusiastic squeak. He also carries a rocket launcher (#27), making him a very dangerous minion (until he runs out of rockets, that is), but consides himself more of a support minion the rest of the time. However, he did help Kireiko and Sailor Delight in defeating Brother Maynard by supplying them with ear muffs (#25).

The priests of Genbu believes that he's the Chosen One.

The Unnamed Minion
Named: #24

The last of the Villyn's five minions to be named (#24), TUM's only strange power is his lack of definition; he's quite fuzzy around the edges, and facial expressions are hard to spot. He appears to be rather strong, however, as well as a decent fighter, eager to serve Villyn, and a little smarter than some of his compratriots.

The Unnamed Minion does not appear in the Rolls of Destiny; he has no destiny (#24). He can speak Pacific Islander languages, enabling him to communicate with the pygmy warriors.

Villyn's previous minions
Introduced: #1

Before acquiring his current crazy minions, Villyn had a small group of reluctant minions around. Their most prominent feature was that they had to be paid insane sums of money to behave like the loyal minions he wanted. Only two of them were named; the Unknown minion (wore a paper bag over his head) and Konichiwa Neko-chan (wore a Hello Kitty mask). After a short and painful battle (#2-3), followed, most probably, by a rather long time in the hospital, they got out of the story.

He also hired the Miniature Legion of Minions to assist him during the Suzuhara park gig, which turned out to be really miniature. Quoth Villyn: "They answered my ad by phone. I thought it just meant that there weren't that many of them." (#16). The Miniature legion then got trampled by the army of youma, terminating their contract (and the Legion). (#17)

The DarkVerse

Introduced: #1

A kingdom banished to another dimension aeons ago, the DarkVerse is a place that reeks of anger and pain...

Well, not really. The DarkVerse is actually a drab, dull and boring place; some say it should be called the DrabVerse. It's populated by youma, which range in appearance from almost human-like, at least externally (hints that the DarkVerse and Earth has had the same origins), to the standard huge, slavering, Darwin's-economy-collection, Horror-from-beyond-time-and-space youma (who are so frightening they scare themselves on occasion). The DarkVerse is led by a queen who'd like to be evil and nefarious, but mostly lacks the imagination. Their goal is to take over Earth, but they aren't getting very far; most probably because the average youma doesn't like to do anything unless it's neccessary, and because things have been getting even duller since the initiation of the Barney Initiative.

Queen Charity <NEW>
Introduced: #8 (Named: #19)

Charity Darkness Vengeance, the ruler of the DarkVerse. Queen Charity fights everyday to get respect from her underlings, and to get the days to pass; during the time of the Barney Initiative, things were boring, big time. In #19, she met Villyn, and fell in love on the spot; she decided to leave the DarkVerse and move in with him (well, and his daughter, and his minions). In #24, she found out that her kingdom had been usurped, and planned revenge.

Also, in #21-23 she went on a romantic cruise with Villyn... a cruise ending in disaster. No one knows where the iceberg came from... they were also stranded on a small island populated by a pygmy tribe, who worshipped a god who looked just like Villyn... unfortunately Charity spoiled their goodwill by swiping the tribe's holy Artifact of the Morning... and it broke in #28, which upset the natives to no end when they found out. It also upset Villyn, as she had told him that the artifact was a goodbye gift... Charity is heartbroken. Is this the end of the loving couple?

Despite being the despicable ruler of a kingdom of hate, Queen Charity is a rather nice person.. if you're in her good books. She's deeply in love with Villyn, and has a strong motherly love for Aki. She also has a strong moral code, in that she never personally uses sneakiness and subterfuge in her plans.

She has, however, been known to put generals and youmas who's displeased her to a sticky end, with a 50 foot blast radius. She also sentenced Sohkoh to the Eternal Sleep (being locked away in a crystal, Jadeite-style) because she thought he had said something nasty about her.

Queen Charity looks almost exactly like Keiko, albeit a bit older (and she carries her age with grace!). She also favors leather in almost all kinds of clothing, and has an entire wardrobe stashed away in a pocket dimension.


What, you thought the Queen ran the entire DarkVerse? What with all the sitting around looking regal and scary, annihilating her own youmas in a temper tantrum, and the occasional absconding with the handsome evil overlord who dropped by, there's just too much to do; the actual work is placed on the shoulders of her trustworthy generals. Well, kinda trustworthy. Some are worthless, some are effective, some are TOO effective...

Ranks are: General, High General, and Supreme General.

Esjie <NEW>
Introduced: #8

The Supreme General of the DarkVerse (Ex-Supreme General after #28), which means he's directly below the Queen, and the one who gets things done. His real name is Yoi Maeda, but he hates being called that. He's also human, and he REALLY hates being called that. He wears impeccably clean business suits all the time, and uses a blindingly white hanky to wipe off dirt, so he doesn't have to touch it. He's calm, rational, and nothing ever unhinges his calm. However, from his acquisition of the Chronos Stone in #22, until the banishing of the Void Spirits in #28, he's been acting irrational; he laughs maniacally, gets angry, and generally acts out of character. After the Brother left him, he returned to normal, whatever that is.

In #21, when Queen Charity left on her romantic trip with Villyn, he used the Chronos Stone to send them on a perilous journey, and then started his plan to take over the DarkVerse. In #28, he was removed from the throne, removed from the position of Supreme General, and subjected to Eternal Sleep (you know, the crystal thingie). In parts #30-31, he was accidentally freed, and deserted the DarkVerse, after having managed to convince Ayesse to not turn him in. He's since then associated himself with a certain Wataru, and his boss Shubby-chan...

Esjie was the founder of the Barney Initiative, for which he was raised to the position of Supreme General. (#21) However, according to some of the DarkVerse official records, Esjie actually presented the Barney Initiative some time AFTER he was raised to his current position (#8). No one is really sure which version is the correct one.

Esjie vanishes/appears, standard General fashion, in a burst of reports, piecharts, slides, or other similar things.

Introduced: #16

One of the High Generals. Malaise is rather lazy and unambitious, likes fast food, and watching romantic anime. He/she is also a bit of a technical wiz, and has a relationship with Vuudu, the Court Astrologer.

Malaise is VERY androgynous; no one besides him/herself knows her/his gender, except for Vuudu, to whom she/he revealed the secret. Malaise wears her/his gray General uniform most of the time, since being a High General is more or less a full-time job.

Malaise vanishes/appears in a burst of ticker tape.

Introduced: #16

Another of the High Generals. Sohkoh's trademark is his yo-yo, which he's never seen without. He is also almost always bored. He was imprisoned in a crystal for the alleged crime of insulting the Queen (#16), but was freed by Esjie (#21), who required his assistance. In return, he presented Esjie with the Chronos Stone, a powerful artifact which, however, seemed to have some odd side effects... among other things, it released two Void Spirits.

Sohkoh's quarters in the DarkVerse palace is filled with... stuff. Just about every conceiveable item you could find in an old attic, cellar or storage room. It also contains a lot of toys and games. He distrusts Vuudu's occult powers, and generally dislikes Vuudu. He also occasionally puts up bets with the astrologer... bets that he keeps losing.

Sohkoh vanishes/appears in a burst of crackerjack prizes.

Ayesse <NEW>
Introduced: #19

A High General. Incredibly cool and self-conscious, and uses really cool slang all the time. Ayesse wears extreme variants of the current Earth fashions. By #23, he worked as Esjie's right hand, but didn't seem very happy about it. He also reluctantly started the Teletubbies Initiative, a continuation of the Barney Initiative. (#25)

Ayesse is also a BIG 80's lover (#28). He usually refers to it as "the carefree 80's". He's got a rhinestone-studded white jacket (Elvis-style) hidden away in his quarters, and on occasion, when he thinks no one's going to see him, he wears it. He loves "A flock of birds", and hangs out in the DarkVerse disco (#34). He also killed General Bob to vent frustration. He was somewhat responsible for the freeing of Esjie.

Ayesse vanishes/appears in a burst of hot air.

Lessente <NEW>
Introduced: #23

A High General. He's actually working for Baron Stagner, and doesn't want to see Esjie on the DarkVerse's throne. As of #28, he took up heavy drinking, although he can't hold whiskey. He's also very skilled at making pointless observations.

As per General standard, Lessente vanishes/appears in a burst of miniature liquor bottles (#29).

Introduced: #21

Full name Mohjojiujoovuuduwhodew, although almost no one uses it, and he's gotten used to his nickname. The Court Astrologer, and also a General (although not High). He has a tendency to mess up fortune telling rituals and give really wacky fortunes, although he's been getting a bit better over the years (He got his copy of "I-Ching for intermediate users!" just this week!) . He also supports the Queen, and doesn't like Esjie.

Vuudu is very bishounen, has long hair and wears robes with mystical sigils, although he occasionally favors the less flashy gray uniform of a DarkVerse General. He's the only other person who knows Malaise's gender, and they have a relationship going...

Vuudu vanishes/appears in a burst of tarot cards, fortune cookies, biorhythm charts, or inaccurate tabloid horoscopes. Gutted sheep will not be used, unless he makes appearances in MGH.

Introduced: #24

A lesser General of the DarkVerse, Polente's powers were that he could use very powerful magics over people, if he knew their true name. He also had the power to look into "The rolls of destiny", where everyone's true name could be found... however, he picked a fight with The Unnamed Minion, who is the ONLY person whose name isn't in The rolls of destiny...

Polente was then beaten senseless by The Unnamed Minion, and subsequently destroyed by Queen Charity, thus earning the award for Shortest Lifespan of a Named Character. Until...

Bob <NEW>
Introduced: #30

A lesser General of the DarkVerse, Bob was choked by Ayesse and thrown off a cliff a few lines after his introduction, stealing Polente's award for Shortest Lifespan of a Named Character.

Bob appears in burst of salines, and vanished over the side of a cliff.

Introduced: #1

Beloved host for a children's TV show, and also a DarkVerse youma. In what was called "The Barney Initiative" (initiated by Esjie), this youma was released upon the world to tap energy from the fear it caused. It worked perfectly.

In #13, however, Barney was forcibly summoned by Keiko, who sought his blood for her not-so-evil rites. He was brutally butchered, although offstage, so's to spare the sensitive readers.

The Teletubbies <NEW>
Introduced: #25

After Esjie's ascent to the DarkVerse throne, General Ayesse was saddled with the project to find a replacement for Barney. In a small dimension somewhere, he found what he was looking for, and the result was called "The Teletubbies Initiative"...

The Teletubbies are: Tinky-winky (the purple one, with the purse), Po (the red one) Dipsy (the green one), and La-Laa (the yellow one). They all emanate an almost tangible cuteness, and are almost totally indestructible. Their most prominent move is the "big hug", which is truly devastating... Po also shot Kireiko with a fuzzy cannon at one point. (#26)

Special youma squad
Introduced: #22

A group of five specially-trained youma, sent by a deranged Esjie to the Villyn household. They were defeated by the minions.

The voice from the shadows <NEW>
Introduced: #23

A mysterious voice that assists Esjie. Actually one of the Void Spirits, the Brother.

The void spirits <NEW>
Officially introduced: #28

"They were a weapon used by the DarkVerse during the war between the kingdoms... they were very useful, since they could destroy anything, but they were forbidden when it turned out that they were following their own agenda... to destroy everything. Fortunately they never gained enough magic for it... and we managed to banish them before they did." --Queen Charity, #28

Two immensely powerful beings, calling each other Brother and Sister, set on the destruction of everything - the "[Void]" as they refer to it. The spirits frequently use the Brackets of Power, and seek magical artifacts to bring forth the [Void]. Where they come from is unknown, since they were banished during the war between the kingdoms, but the Brother has been assisting Esjie ever since he acquired the Chronos Stone (#21), and posessed him in #28. The Sister had posessed Ayame, but at which point is unknown...

They are almost totally indestructible, very dangerous, and is on an eternal search for powerful magic. One of their weaknesses, however, is that they tend to underestimate potential threats.

In #28, the Void Spirits managed to get hold of the Cronos Stone, the Artifact of the Morning, and the Artifact of Dusk, and performed the rite that was supposedly going to destroy the world... but it was disrupted, and created a huge explosion of random magic. As a result, the Void Spirits were banished from this plane of existance, Ayame (who was caught in the centre of the blast, being unconscious) underwent changes, and a huge palm tree sprouted from the floor of the DarkVerse throne room.

The Void Spirits are currently trapped in a very small dimension somewhere, which is completely empty (save for themselves), and keeps *shaking* for some reason...

The Evil Sailors <NEW>
Introduced: #28

What's that you say? Magical Girls are good and fight for justice? Ah, but there are many sides of justice... and Good and Evil are just different points of view.

When the Crystal City of Delight started their Sailor Team efforts, the DarkVerse quickly copied their efforts. The result was the DarkVerse Sailors, also known as the Evil Sailors. However, it seems that something went wrong with the project, as it doesn't feature much in the DarkVerse records, and few seem to remember them...

Now, the Evil Sailors are back, and fighting for justice... at least THEIR form of justice. Currenly known members are Sailor Light, Sailor Despair, and Sailor Hatred. They also believe that Sailor Darkness is a member of their team... at least that's what Kahi, their advisor, tells them.

The Evil Sailors believe that they're destined to rule the world. In their real-life roles as Mariko, Yaki and Yumeki, they used to live in Kyoto, but they have managed to transfer to Tokyo to find Sailor Darkness.

Mariko <NEW>
Introduced: #28

Fullname Mariko Hanamichi. Also known as Sailor Light, (possibly) leader of the DarkVerse Sailors. Likes to hurt things, and boss around people around her, even her friends. She's very nasty and and evil, and likes gory movies (and killing things in a gory way). And S&M stuff. Her one weak spot is Kahi, her advisor animal; he's the only one she has any love for. She also likes "Counting Crows"; the dramatic speech from #28 comes from their song "Catapult".

As Sailor Light, she wears an all-white fuku; not a single spot of color on it. Her blonde hair turns white, too (her eyes are blue). She uses light-based attacks:

BLINDING LIGHT OF ETERNITY: A beam of intensely bright light strikes the opponent in the eyes, blinding him/her/it for a long time (or permanently, sometimes).

Mariko likes drama, and usually makes a dramatic speech before attacking. She also has a tendency to act 'young female victim' to lure out the enemy.

In #34, she and her friends Yaki and Yumeki have transferred to the same school the central cast goes to. She's in the same class as Tejina and Keiko, seated next to Tejina, although she and Tejina are not aware of each other's secret identities. She's... interested in Keiko.

Yaki <NEW>
Introduced: #28

Full name Yaki Mochizuki. Also known as Sailor Despair. She has short, brown hair. Yaki likes to torment her opponents before killing them. She's also cynic, tends not to talk much, and wears boring but functional clothes. As Sailor Despair, she wears a gray and brown fuku (dull earth tones). Her attacks are based on despair and similar emotions:

DESPAIRING MOOD STEALER: The opponent goes into a really black mood, loses all hope in anything good in the world, and generally just wants to die.

In class, Yaki sits behind Hanaki and next to Matsuro. She also seems to be developing a slight crush on him, much to her annoyance.

Yumeki <NEW>
Introduced: #28

Full name Yumeki Nishiyama. Also known as Sailor Hatred. Despite her title, Yumeki is rather cheerful and excitable. She's also a hentai (but very subtle and cunning about, preferring to play innocent. She usually only reveal it when she's around her friends.), likes wearing really, REALLY colorful clothes, and resents Yaki a bit because she's so drab. Yumeki also has pink hair (maybe she's related to Hugh?). Yumeki doesn't really want to rule the world; she just wants some place of her own, as well as lots of boyfriends and... other things.

As Sailor Hatred, she wears a color-explosion fuku in just about every conceiveable color (and a few inconceiveable ones, too), making her look like she just strolled through a paintball war. Her atacks are based on hate:

SOUL OF HATRED: A ghostly multicolored apparition is formed over her body and sent at the opponent, ripping it to pieces in a gristly fashion.

Yumeki is in the same class as Kireiko, and sits right behind him. She likes dirty jokes, and has an interest in Kireiko.

The Cthulhu Cult

Introduced: #2

In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. When the stars are right, he will awaken to rule the world...assuming his cultists can get their act together. Having found a bride for their master (Jodi Foster), the Cthulhu Cult Local #39924-91 is currently trying to find a body for Great Cthulhu to incarnate into. It seems that a half-oni body would be ideal... such as Kireiko.

Aside from attempting to kidnap Jodi Foster and find the oni, the cult is also plotting for a war against Shub-Niggurath (#21). They also pass time playing cards, not exactly the standard pastime for evil cults.

In #25, the cult managed to apprehend Jodi Foster, but attempts to marry her to Great Cthulhu have been postponed until they can find the oni host.

Aside from the named characters, the Cult seems to have about 50 miscellaneous human cultists available for grunt work. (#10)

His Eminence
Introduced: #2

A sworn servant of The Great Cthulhu, and a man of many secrets. Also a member of the Legitimate Businessmen's Club (#5). In #7, he was brutally beaten by Kireiko in the middle of a ritual to summon a Chtonic entity into Brother Maynard, with the result of both of them undergoing strange transformations. His Eminence is now turning into a Deep One; he lives in a vat in the cult's sewer hideout, and makes the place stink like high hell.

His Eminence always talks in lower-case form, except when mentioning The Great Cthulhu. People with good hearing will find this important.

Introduced: #2

Maynard was a simple cultist, who seemed to want nothing more than to waste time on the cult's one computer. All that changed, however, when he accompanied His Eminence to the annual meeting of the Tokyo Legitimate Businessmen's Club. In #7, His Eminence accidently summoned a dark spirit of some kind into Maynard's body (okay, so it wasn't exactly an accident... however, His Eminence wanted a huge, slavering killing machine that he could control, but got something... different).

As a result, Maynard can now float around, cast energy bolts, shift his form, and tAlk lIkE thIs. He also looks like he spends his weekends in a reactor core. He's been nagging at His Eminence to authorize an attack on the Shub-Niggurath cult.

Tachi and Bob
Introduced: #2 (Bob was named #10, posthumously)

Two Cthulhu cultists. They were attempting to capture an oni along with Maynard (#3), and got eaten for the trouble. Fortunately, Maynard was faster.

Taro and Knoll
Introduced: #12

Two other cultists. They behave like Laurel and Hardy, and were sent to kidnap Jodi Foster (#22). Amazingly enough, they succeded (#25).

Hello Cthulhu
Introduced: #10

Inspired by the DarkVerse's Barney Initiative, the Cthulhu cult created this avatar of hideous eldritch cuteness in #10. Maynard carries around a Hello Cthulhu doll as a focus for his power, and many cultists have been turned into life-size Hello Cthulhus for various nefarious purposes (as in #17).

Hello Cthulhu (the creature)'s appearance can be described as: Overalls, striped shirt,  little red ribbon tied on his upper tentacle, black glass for eyes, black and fuzzy nose with whiskers for some odd reason, and large magical aura of cuteness.

Hello Cthulhu draws its power from all things cute, and can only be defeated by cool music and other things that are the antithesis of cuteness. It appears that the more Hello Cthulhus are created, the weaker their individual strength becomes...

The Starspawn
Introduced: #24

Starspawn look like wingless, human-sized versions of Cthulhu...scaly humanoids with heads that look like octopi. High-ranking cult members use them much like the DarkVerse uses youma. Starspawn are able to mold their forms, but always resemble their master to some degree.

Jodi Foster <NEW>
Introduced: #2

Famous american actress of many movies, and designated bride-to-be of The Great Cthulhu. Jodi Foster's opinions on the matter are in doubt, but fortunately, Elder Gods seldom care about those things. Jodi is currently (#30) under a verbal contract to co-star with the Great Cthulhu in a movie, and to be married to him for a test period of 45 days.

Ron <NEW>
Introduced: #28

Jodi Foster's agent, an extremely skillful man... he can frighten Cthulhu cultists with his mere presence. In #30, he signs a verbal contract with Brother Maynard, on the subject of the Great Cthulhu's marriage. Apparently he can use the Brackets of Power, too.

The Legitimate Businessmen's Club

Introduced: #5

A gathering of people that actually aren't legitimate at all... in fact, it's a collection of all of Tokyo's higher-class criminals, cultists, lawyers, evil overlords, and mime artists. It has a subdivision called "People Who Are Absolutely Not Evil". The leader of the club is one Yoi Maeda, and other members include Nemesis Villyn and His Eminence of the Cthulhu cult.

Shubby-chan's Happy Happy Joy Joy Fun Club

Introduced: #10

A sinister day care center which is a front for the cult of Shubby-chan. They became involved in the story when Brother Maynard taunted one of their cultists (#10), who had happened to come to the Cthulhu Cult meeting by mistake. Apparently Outer Gods take that sort of thing seriously. See MGH for many more details on the Fun Club. The cult is also searching for "The Light of the World", who must be destroyed, and Wataru suspects that Aki is the person in question.

Introduced: #10

The name by which Shub-Niggurath, Outer God of fertility, Black Goat of the Woods With a Thousand Young, is currently known. She/it uses a woman called Natsuki as a vessel to speak to her cultists, and Wataru refers to her as 'Shubby-chan' as well.

Natsuki <NEW>
Introduced: #22 (named: #34)

The woman that Shub-Niggurath posesses to be able to communicate with her followers.

Introduced: #19 (named: #22)

Head cultist/assistant to Shubby-chan. Has a knack for dealing with hideous alien entities without batting an eyebrow, as evinced in his visit to the Cthulhu Cult in #19. Wears an 'I'm a Fun Guy from Yuggoth' T-shirt, or t-shirts with similar slogans.

Yoi Maeda <NEW>
Introduced: #31

Formerly Supreme General Esjie, he's now joined Shubby-chan. He's in a probationary period (#34).

The Pygmy Tribe <NEW>

Introduced: #22

A small pygmy tribe on an island somewhere (that Villyn and Charity disembarked upon), that despite being in the middle of nowhere likes to be kept up to date and get the world's major newspapers only a day late. Villyn and Queen Charity visited them in #22. They worship a god that bears a remarkable resemblance to Villyn, which is why they welcomed him to their village. In #34, it's revealed that the god they worship is actually the DarkVerse warrior that gave them the Artifact of the Morning, and Villyn is actually a direct descendant of that line. As of #22, they are seeking vengeance against Villyn for stealing their holy Artifact of the Morning (actually Charity stole it, and convinced Villyn that it was a goodbye present), and by #24 have sent pygmy warriors out into the great wide world to find him.

B'pko and V'k'hu!cx, the pygmy warriors <NEW>
Introduced: #23 (named: #29)

Two pygmies who were sent to find Villyn and bring back the Artifact of the Morning. Due to an unpaid bill of fried fish and coconut milk at a local cafe, they are saddled with waiting duty, and later seem to have gotten emplyment there (#30). In #29 they come across Villyn... who unfortunately didn't understand a word of what they said. However, The Unnamed Minion, who was accompanying Villyn at the time, turned out to know their language, and revealed the situation to Villyn, thus starting the heartbreaking schism between Villyn and his Charity-chan... *sniff*

In #34, the tables were turned; Chiang showed up and told the pygmies that it actually was their DUTY to protect the Artifact of the Morning, and that they failed in their task, nearly bringing about the end of the world. They're pretty embarrassed about the subject now.

According to #30, the pygmies seem to have learned a bit of Japanese, at least enough to make themselves understood.

The Mad Scientist's League Of Japan <NEW>

Introduced: #28 (more or less... they were also mentioned in #29)

A secret organization bent on world domination (or at least Japan domination). The Harbringers hired them to send a lot of robots to track down unknown Harbringers. Unfortunately, the robots got out of hand. Villyn has also contacted them about something in #34.

The 'Absolutely Not A Mantis, Really' Robots <NEW>
Introduced: #28

A huge number of robots, sent to track down Harbringers, but ending up tearing Tokyo to pieces.

As one, the girls looked up, to see the rest of the robot attached to the feet. Well, either it was a robot or someone was dropping modern art from the ceiling, which wouldn't have been that surprising. The thing had a rounded, armor-plated body the size of an oversized pogoball, four metal legs, two protruding arms with claws, and a long telescopic neck with a round head attached. On the chest (or what passed as one), a metal plate was attached, with the words inscribed:

[Property of The Mad Scientist's League Of Japan. Not available for lease. Absolutely Not A Mantis, Really. Serial number 18736/375-3 and ask for Fifi.]

Temp Thug, Inc. <NEW>

Introduced: #17

An organization which hires out thugs, goons, minions and other cannonfodder. Villyn hired the Miniature Legion of Minions from them to use at the Suzuhara Park gig (#16). The miniature legion was then trampled by an army of youma.

Cain <NEW>

Introduced: #13

Apparently he's Matsuro's brother.

"If you meet your brother Cain on the road, kill him."

Seals, Harbringers, and Dragons <NEW>

(Also Harbingers and other things...)

Dragons <NEW>

Introduced: #1

There are at least two dragons - one of Heaven and one of Earth, and they are somehow related to the end of the world, though exactly how has not yet been stated.  It is not even sure which is the 'good' one and which is the 'bad' one.  Although only these two have been named, there may be more.

Also, it appears that "Dragons" is the chosen name of a third side of the war. The Dragons are the champions of the Dragon of the East, and want to take over the world with pop music. Their band Dragon Childe should suffice.

In #34, Akemi comments that the two kinds of Dragons are 'not the same, but connected'.

Koohii <NEW>
Introduced: #32

One of the Dragons, and singer/keyboardist in Dragon Childe, a pop band extremely similar to the Do-Gooders. They're good, too. Koohii has orange hair and wears a skin-tight leather catsuit. She's extremely bouncy (caffeine-style), and dreams of becoming a pop idol. In fact, she's pretty much obsessed with it. Her bounciness tends to make people mildly nauseous after a while.

Koohii fights with her microphone. She also carries a strange device that Ichiban gave her; it is a flat, blinking dish, three inches in diameter, and with a button on it. When Koohii uses it, it creates fifty copies of her, all wielding microphones. The copies aren't very tough, but they keep coming back to life. However, they are strangely subsceptible to blows against Koohii's ego, particularily her singing ability. Put straight, insult her singing enough, and they vanish into the microphones (however the last one, the REAL Koohii, remains). This means of course that she gets a lot of microphones in the end.

Koohii, Scotch and Mermaid attend the same school as the rest of the cast, and are in the same class as Aki and Hiryuu. They seem to have founded a non-agression pact, so battles in class won't be allowed.

Scotch <NEW>
Introduced: #32

One of the Dragons, and guitarist in Dragon Childe. Scotch wears a plaid suit. He tends to be very defensive about his amp.

Scotch fights using his amp as weapon.

Mermaid <NEW>
Introduced: #32

One of the Dragons, and drummer in Dragon Childe. Mermaid has pink hair in ponytails, and usually wears her school uniform. Her normal expression is one of boredom.

Mermaid fights with drumsticks, and can throw them like boomerangs. She also seems to have a large supply of them (since boomerangs that hit their targets doesn't come back).

Ichiban <NEW>
Introduced: #32

The leader of the Dragons, or at least one of the higher-ups. His name means "Number one". Ichiban dresses like a yuppie, and follows the Prophecies of the Dragons (also called the Dragon Protocol Handbook), although not in the same slaving fashion as Yoshimichi follows the Prophecies of the Seals. He also insists on calling Matsuro "the One". He's Koohii's uncle.

Niban <NEW>
Introduced: #32

An associate of Ichiban, Niban also dresses like a yuppie. His name means "Number two".

Sanban <NEW>
Introduced: #32

Sanban trained Dragon Childe. Her name means "Number three".

Seals <NEW>

Introduced: #29

The Champions of the Dragon of Heaven and the mortal enemies of the Harbringers. The Seals seem to be a mostly nasty bunch, and want to destroy the world... possibly. There are supposed to be six Seals. Hanko believes that they're going to remake the world, but whether this is the truth or not... The emblem of the Seals is a cracked Earth. The Seals can create curse-zombies, as can the Harbringers... or can they?

Seals tend to have strange dreams, according to Hanko.

Yoshimichi <NEW>
Introduced: #29

One of the Seals.  He draws his sword (a Sword of Duality, presumably) from his thigh.  Dresses in a long trenchcoat with a Seal emblem, and carries a palmtop computer... somewhere, possibly in his trenchcoat. He's slavingly following the Prophecies of the Seals (which are posted on the Internet, and also Yoshimichi likes to make Xelloss impressions, and is distrustful of people. He's even more distrustful of Gary. He can also create minor earthquakes with his sword.

Gary <NEW>
Introduced: #31

One of the Seals. Gary is a middle-aged American, usually garbed in a dirty, red-hooded sweatshirt. Yoshimichi distrusts him a lot.

Gary can create a kekkai (a small subdimension that the Seals and Harbingers of X use to fight in), and draw people into it. Interestingly, the kekkai's in this story are rather different from the original version, being closer to entries to the dream world. The dream world is malleable by will; it can be shaped and altered by a strong mind. Matsuro's hallucinations are acutely realistic there. (#31)

Hasami <NEW>
Introduced: #31

One of the Seals. Hasami wields the Scissors of Duality, which she pulls from her neck. She used those to cut off Tejina's hair in #31. Hasami has black hair, and wears a red leather jacket and pants. Her name means "Scissors". She's very familiar with the dream world, and usually patrols it whenever someone is imprisoned in it. She likes to play with her opponents...

Hasami has an odd way of speaking, making statements ending with 'yes?' instead of asking questions:

"Perhaps you should make me, yes?"

Hanko <NEW>
Introduced: #34

One of the Seals. Hanko wields the Dragon's Tail, a weapon of Duality; it resembles a spine made from hundreds of little rune-inscribed pieces of metal fit together, with a short blade on the end. She believes that the Seals are going to remake the world. Hanko means "Seal", as in the kind you put on letters.

Hanko has short magenta hair, and is in the same class as Matsuro and Yaki (seated in the back, for those who want to know). She's a very skilled observer, and tends to lurk in the background. She found T-kun, and 'recruited' him for the Seals.

Other Seals

T-kun is a Seal. (#34) There is one more, currently unnamed.

Harbringers <NEW>

Introduced: #29

With an 'r' between the 'b' and the 'i', please note.

A group of that is not to be confused with the Harbingers, the Harbringers distribute the mystical substance known as 'har', although they seem to have it stashed away somewhere. The Harbringers are the champions of the Dragon of Earth, which sets them in direct opposition to the Seals. They appear to be a bit nicer... although in #28-29, they send lots of robots to seek out other Harbringers, causing Mass Destruction (tm)... the Harbringers claim that they want to save the world. They are a bit confused on that subject, though. They also suffer from weird dreams, according to Sakyou (#34)

The Harbringers have their HQ in a dark and stormy room, as revealed in #29. There are six Harbringers, including Tejina. They like pizza. Yum.

Sakyou Sagare <NEW>
Introduced: #29

Sakyou means "West of the Capital".  Unsure if Sagare actually means anything...

One of the Harbringers.  Quite easy-going and laid-back, to the point of answering his mobile phone in the midst of battle.  Not much physical description yet, but he's very bishonen... even more so than Matsuro. He draws his sword from his side. Sakyou also has some magical powers. He's a vegetarian (ovo-lacto-vegetarian, which means that he's also allowed to eat eggs and cheese), and likes Vegetarian pizza (#34). He tends to not carry around har very much. Sakyou tends to have odd dreams involving lots of tattooed grocery clerks (#34). He used to have hallucinations, but they stopped a long time ago (#29).

Yoruko <NEW>
Introduced: #29

One of the Harbringers. Yoruko means "Night child". A young woman who dresses in very black clothes, has black hair and eyes, and uses black eyeshadow, and somehow manages to look very dark despite her unusually pale skin.  Her sword comes from her palm. She is developing a crush on Matsuro, and has a tendency to not spot the little details. She also has a tendency to get on people's nerves. Yoruko likes yak brain and squid head pizza. Without anchovies.

Hirata <NEW>
Introduced: #29

Another of the Harbringers, currently lacking much description. In #29, Sakyou answers a phone call from Hirata. Hirata likes Hawaiian with extra anchovies.

Leader <NEW>
Introduced: #29

The leader of the Harbringers has 'dark and mysterious leader' written all over him/her.  Has a cunning little brain, and will stoop to unpleasant alliances and deeds to achieve the Harbringers' goals, whatever they are. Also posesses a very nasty laugh. Favored type of pizza is Carnivore's Carnivore Meat Lover's Pizza With Extra Barbecue Sauce.

The Leader's Protegé <NEW>
Introduced: #29

A Harbringer, currently unknown. He/she usually hangs around the stormy room, and likes Super Super Super Supreme pizza.

Other Harbringers <NEW>

Tejina is a Harbringer (#29). What sort of pizza she favors is currently unknown.

The Priests of Genbu <NEW>

Introduced: #34 (actually #24)

Possibly another side in the great battle... they are the champions of the Dark Warrior of the North, and search for the Chosen One. The priests all carry packs, and believe that the Quake Camper is the Chosen One. Keiko thinks that they look familiar, for some reason; they're actually two of the youma that were purified by Aki in #24, and have struck a new path in life. Genbu is known as the Tortoise, and is symbolized by a tortoise with a snake perched on its shell. The priests drew this symbol on the Quake Camper's pack.

Bearded priest <NEW>
Introduced: #34

Unnamed. He has had light brown-fading-to-white hair with a full beard and mustache.

Clean-shaven priest <NEW>
Introduced: #34

Unnamed. He has wiry green hair.

Wildcards <NEW>

Introduced: #29

Some people have patterns similar to a Seal, a Dragon or a Harbringer, but not exactly... these people are called 'Wildcards'. Keiko and Becky are both Wildcard. According to the leader of the Harbringers, they can join either side, or none at all (#34).

This means of course problems, as there are only supposed to be six members of either side (seven for the side the One joins). What this will entail, no one knows...

Also, all Wildcards carry weapons of Duality, which there are supposed to be twenty of. Currently, five are in the hands of the  Harbringers, five are with the Seals, and Matsuro, Keiko and Becky each has one, adding up to 13. If Tejina and the last Seal has theirs, it means that five Weapons are still unaccounted for.

X observation

(Not part of Do-Gooders continuity. Written by Steven Scougall.)

In X there are only two Dragons, though at one point the Harbingers and possibly the Seals too are suddenly referred to as Dragons also. Considering that I misspelt 'harbinger' and that there now might be both Harbingers and Harbringers, I thought it would be an interesting twist if there was more than two main dragons.



Parents and family members of the central cast... that is, those parents and family members not IN the central cast.

Mr. and Mrs. Nakao
Introduced (properly): #21

Tejina's adoptive parents, Toshi (the father, #34) and Fumue ( the mother, #21).  They're litigators and make obscene amounts of money, and can afford a very nice big house in Tokyo.  They have a great fear of Ayame (#23), but exactly why isn't known.

Introduced: #1 (Named: #5)

Tejina's 9-year old little brother, and general huge pain. He's a typical irritating young brat, comes up with annoying songs on the spot, and starts crying every time Tejina yells at him.

Kuro <NEW>
Introduced: #1

The Nakao family dog. The only member of the cast without magical powers, a mystical destiny, a desire to take over the world, and who isn't someone reincarnated. So far.

V and Amy Anderson
Introduced: #6

V is of the Men in Black, and Amy is of the CIA, and this odd couple are Becky's parents.  Prior to #6 they seemed to be elsewhere on assignment, and Becky was on an exchange program.  After #8 all three are living together again. V and Amy argue and bicker all the time, although this might just be to blow off steam. After all, given the amount of weapons (and strange MiB gadgets) they have lying around the house, it's a relief they stick to just VERBAL assault...

Kireiko's parents
Introduced: #1

Choji (father) and Atsuko (mother). (#34) They used to be demon hunters, but after the oni incident they had some nine months before Kireiko's birth, they moved to the USA and switched to being cost accountants.  They've retained their ability to look really ominous, and even when doing normal things they act like the demon hunters they once were. They even have the habit of throwing around notes, envelopes, and even breakfast, in typical demon hunter style. Unlike most parents, they can keep their wild teenage son under control through the use of ofuda. Well, at least control regarding his fangs, claws, and occasional tentacles. In all other respects, they have to deal with a rebellious son like any other parents. Although putting ofuda on the doors and windows gives them an advantage when grounding him...

Kireiko's oni father
Introduced: #10

Kireiko's real father, and incidently the oni his parents fought several years ago. He comes to Kireiko in dreams occasionally, and has revealed the secret of Kireiko's origin, as well as other interesting facts, such as that the Cthulhu cult is after him.

In appearance, the oni is huge, red, has stubby horns and long, sharp fangs. He usually wears tiger skin clothing, and plays on a set of pipes whose appearance or origin we shouldn't go into here.

Keiko' parents <NEW>
Introduced: #19

Keiko's parents. They're very happy to have such a well-adjusted daughter. Their pictures also appear in dictionaries all over the world, next to the word 'oblivious'. They are very good at gambling (#34).

Akemi, Matsuro's mother <NEW>
Introduced: #1

Matsuro's dear, departed mother, who unfortunately decided not to depart. She is constantly appearing in his mystical and gory hallucinations and dreams, telling him to go to Tokyo, join the band, and find the Sword of Duality, all of which he's already accomplished. Other mystical sayings that might be important to the plot include "Avoid Tokyo Tower", "You're the Chick, Matsuro, and the world is the Egg", and "Get me some grandchildren." She was married to Villyn at one point, and is the mother of Aki.

In #24, it's been revealed that she's been slacking off on the hallucinations and dreams, so the Department of Mystical Destinies have been filling in for her.

Being a spirit, ordinary people can't see her. However people who are magically sensitive (such as Keiko) can see her, as well as Seals and Harbringers (such as Yoruko). Drunken people can see her too, since the alcohol messes up your perceptions, as well as tuning out your common sense. This is known as a powerful plot device. (#34)

In #34, she's going on a date with Elric. She was also married to Villyn once (when she was alive), but ran off with a lawyer, taking her son with her (#24).

Aunt Itako
Introduced: #19

Matsuro's aunt, who, like his mom, is dead but not departed. After finding out that her son doesn't want her around his place, and has destroyed his ancestral magical sword, she's moved in with Matsuro and his growing number of room mates. She's also Aki's aunt.

Crystal City

People originating from the Crystal City.

Introduced: #19

Zathras was found in the Darkverse dungeons, apparently having been there since the time of the Crystal City. Rover described him as 'some sort of maintenance worker or engineer', but he might be something more. For instance, he gives Aki advice on accepting her magical girl-ness (#24). Think of a furry cross between Bud Abbott and Marvin the Paranoid Android. Zathras also has a sense of direction unmatched by all except Ryoga Hibiki (#25).

In the Crystal City,  he worked for Master Chiang, who appears to be an old friend of his. Zathras also keeps ranting about "the One", which is some big secret that he can only tell the One. The current most probable candidate for being "the One" is Aki. Note that this "the One" isn't the same "the One" that the Harbringers (among others) are searching for.

Note: Zathras was actually stolen from Babylon 5.

Master Chiang <NEW>
Introduced: #10

Or rather, the reincarnation of Master Chiang... possibly. Or, he might just have lived in South America for several millenia. In the Crystal City, he was one of the most brilliant Advisors to the Royal Court and was the one who came up with the idea with the Sailor Team. Master Chiang can speak the Pacific Island language that the pygmies use.

Master Chiang is completely hairless, save for eyebrows that completely hide his eyes, and a mustache that is nearly as thick as the eyebrows. He also has powers connected to insects, and carries a satchel full of bugs (although he gave it to Elric in #28). In #24 he's moved from South America to Japan in search of Baron Stagner. In #26, he, Stagner and Elric meet in a small café and argue about the end of the world, and something called "the Cycle" (capital letters are a sign of Importance). In #30, he's washing dishes to cover the bill for it.

Introduced: #21

Master Chiang's 'good for nothing' apprentice. It appears he did something horrible in the Crystal City...

Koji <NEW>
Introduced: #24

Full name Koji Saito. A boy in Becky's class, who apparently has a crush on her. Possibly the reincaranation of Eidon (see above), as he dreams about the Crystal City... dark dreams, where he betrays someone. Becky, or Sailor Rapture, also features in his dreams. Koji is a bit of a computer whiz-kid, and was an UniOptics Kamen, but that plot thread was deemed too MGH-esque, and was cut by general consent.

The dream girl
Introduced: #10

A mysterious girl who bears a striking resemblance to Aki (but with longer hair) and who keeps showing up in Matsuro's and Kireiko's dreams, doing a shoddy Princess Leia impersonation, and ranting about the Icon of Rapturous Delight and the Emblem of Delightful Rapture. Oh, and calling them 'my love'. At the end of #24, Matsuro recognizes Aki in her Princess Anniki outfit as the dream girl.

Stagner <NEW>
Introduced: #20

Full name: Baron Stagner von Carrlson of the Kingdom of Obscurity. A mysterious man who scries on everyone through various cups of tea, milk, soup, ramen and other edible fluids. He also keeps doing silly DarkWing Duck impersonations (usually including background music), and insulting the people he's looking at. He is quite attracted to one of the Sailors(#20). Who this Sailor is hasn't been revealed yet, but it's either Delight, Rapture, Joy or Bliss.

He's also plotting a grand scheme, which requires certain key persons... annoyingly enough, one of them is AWOL. (As revealed in #22) What his disposition is is unknown; he seems to be rooting for the Do-Gooders half the time, and the villains, the rest. Apparently he's trying to achieve balance. As the situation with the Destruction of the World is over, and both the DarkVerse and its counterpart is in upheaval, he's decided to "put the kingdom of Obscurity on the map". Exactly HOW he'll go about it... is a secret. (#29)

Stagner appears to be a young man, but is actually reincarnated several times over. He knows Master Chiang and Elric personally, although they're hardly old friends... more like long-time adversaries, playing a complicated game.

Princess Hinagaeshi
Introduced: #21

A princess from the Crystal Millenium, and apparently the focus of many pointless disussions.


Hiryuu Takezawa <NEW>
Introduced: #34 (actually #24)

A boy who's recently joined Aki's class, and is seated next to her. He's got blue hair, mild manners, and a romantic interest in Aki; he asks her to marry him the second time he sees her. (She turned him down, by the way. After all, it was a bit sudden.) He knows that she's Sailor Joy, too.

Hiryuu is also a blue dragon, and can shift forms into human. He's a bit naive about normal human behaviour, and tends to not see the point of things such as keeping secrets; he openly mentioned her Sailor background, and revealed his dragon heritage. He's a bit blunt. He dislikes Koohii, Scotch and Mermaid.

Hiryuu is actually one of the youma that were purified by Aki in #24, and transformed into a dragon; since then, he's integrated himself in the dragon society. Since Aki was the one who helped him into his new life, he wants to marry her.

The Valkyries <NEW>
Introduced: #5

Very, very big and violent women. The Valkyries' job is to carry dead warriors to Valhalla, sing opera, and scare the bejeezus out of people. They are also responsible for the annual millenial inventory check, and to keep track of the Swords of Duality; when all the Swords are in the hands of mortal men, Ragnarok will break out. The Valkyries don't really want that to happen.

As it appears that two Swords of Duality had gone missing from Armoury #4 (#3), the Valkyries were forcing its maintainers Balin and Dalin to get them back. Their direct attempt (which they preferred, since it involves more violence) to get it, by attacking Matsuro, failed (#7). In #28, the rest of the Swords of Duality are gone, too... won't the Valkyries be pissed?

Not really. After finding out in #34 that the rest of the Swords (and assorted weaponry/other) of Duality were in circuit, they decided to just blow it all and prepare for a big, happy Ragnarok.

The Valkyries are perfect examples of Jutlandic womanhood, albeit very LARGE examples of Jutlandic womanhood. They are all over six feet tall, semi-divine, and strong enough to rip a man's head clean off. They are also masterful loomers, very violent, extremely dangerous and generally people you don't mess with. They wield spears and used to ride huge horses (that flew, for some reason), although Matsuro chopped the horses into little horse bits in #7 (in #34, they had apparently gotten new horses). They also shout a lot, being incapable of speaking quieter.

Balin and Dalin <NEW>
Introduced: #3

Two dwarves that work in Armoury #4 of Valhalla. After it was discovered that two Swords of Duality they were responsible for were missing, they ran away from Valhalla with a bunch of threatening Valkyries after them, hooked up with Elric, went on a drinking binge, and started looking for the missing swords, not necessarily in that order. As Matsuro and Keiko seem to have the two missing swords, they are now living at Matsuro's apartment until he's finished with the Sword; they keep rebuilding the place and holding rowdy drinking parties (occasionally involving karaoke) with Elric, aunt Itako, and Akemi. They *could* send in enough boxtops of Asgard Crispies cereal to get some replacement Swords of Duality, but apparently Asgard Crispies are very unpleasant. (Asgard Crispies are very good for your health. If you can survive a bowl of Asgard Crispies, then you can probably survive being attacked by five ogres simultaneously, too. It's also good for muscle growth, as Sven Yarslovsonsonsonson, Long boat rowing champ 5 years running, can attest.)

As they're dwarves, they're very strong, in their mid hundreds, and love drinking. They're also tied in with Matsuro's destiny. Since they don't have to find the two Swords of Duality anymore, the dwarfs doesn't really have much to do anymore.

Elric <NEW>
Introduced: #5

Tall, albino, gaunt, and has a disturbing sword that drinks a lot.  He's from a series written by Michael Moorcock, and exactly what he's doing in DG has never been said.  All he's done so far is go around getting drunker and drunker with Balin and Dalin. He seems to be tied in with Matsuro's destiny as well (#24). In #28, he goes off to save the world from the Void Spirits... but he unfortunately asks for the aid of Balin and Dalin (and the ghosts of Akemi and aunt Itako), and arrives late, since the dwarfs stopped for a beer (AND they got lost and wandered into another universe at one point.) Fortunately the world was saved by the Do-Gooders, so no worries there, mate. He's also in the posession of Master Chiang's bag o' bugs, and a bottle of Stagner's special-brand coffee, both of which the owners probably want back.

In #34, he's going on a date with Akemi.

Volf and Bjorn <NEW>
Introduced: #28

Two professional Louts who raid the deserted Armoury #4 (#28). Volf is tall, dark-haired and bishounen; Bjorn is short and wears a thin beard. Brownie points to anyone who can catch the reference.

Introduced: #3

A demon from suburban Hell. Keiko summons him in an attempt to gain knowledge in the forbidden lores of the arcane... although she was planning to get his more famous cousin, Be'elzebub. Be'alzebob is the Lord of Annoying Technologial Improvements.

His wife gave Keiko the Book of Penultimate Evil.

Spike the vampire <NEW>
Introduced: #28

Taken from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Has arrived in Tokyo after his girlfriend broke up with him. In #34, he attacked Keiko, wanting her blood... however the situation turned around pretty quickly when she started demanding his blood instead.

Damu, youma bartender
Introduced: #16

Bartender of the Drab n' Dark bar, which didn't close for more than 6000 years.

Introduced: #16

Damu's worthless assistant and nephew.

The Department of mystical destinies
Introduced: #12

A mysterious consultant organization, whose job is to supply people with destinies. More precisely, they help people find out what their destiny is with professional and stylish visions and hallucinations. Akemi used to do Matsuro's apocalyptic hallucinations and dreams, but she was replaced after it turned out that she wasn't doing a good job (#24). They also supplied Aki with help to find a part of her destiny (#12). In #31, they ditched the extremely weird hallucinations for Matsuro, since they didn't seem to get the point across. The replacement woman also works as receptionist for the Department in her spare time.

The Department keeps records of everyone's mystical destiny. The advisor animals visited them in #34 about their charges' rather messy destinies.

Yukiko <NEW>
Introduced: #29

Name means "Child of the Snow". Comes from the north of Japan's main island, ie, somewhere where it snows a lot more than it does in Tokyo.  She was supposed to be a member of the Sailor Team, but when the Void Spirits' spell was disrupted in #28, it released vast magical energies that played around with reality, and switched her Sailor essence with Ayame's Queen Amore essence, with the end result that Yukiko is now the reincarnation of Queen Amore and Ayame is a Sailor. (I hasten to point out that Ayame's youthening and amnesia were OTHER side-effects of the disruption and have nothing to do with Yukiko.) When Yukiko is in full Queen-mode, she's usually referred to as Yuki-Amore. Queen Amore knows the secret to Dramatic Timing and Proper Exposition.

Yukiko's love life so far has been a disaster, and one of the reasons she's going along with this whole Sailor/Queen thing is the possibility of getting a handsome masked boyfriend out of the deal.

Sayaki <NEW>
Introduced: #29

A friend of Yukiko.

Rika <NEW>
Introduced: #29

Another of Yukiko's friends, Rika is a romantic and an otaku.

The sport coach and the assistant coach <NEW>
Introduced: #29

Two unfortunate employees working at the school. 'Unfortunate' in the respect that the football field was thrashed by Kireiko and a horde of robots in #29, and they can't find the money to fix it. They're planning to join the fun world of crime to fund it, now (#34).

This character guide was written by Jonatan Streith. Accept no imitations.

Several people aided me with this production, and are worthy of much respect. They are:
Emily Robertson (also known as Omi no Miko)
David Menendez
Steven Scougall
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